What Are Demulcent Herbs?

What Are Demulcent Herbs?

A lot of us are not familiar with the term demulcent herbs, but did you know that these herbs that we pay less attention to are commonly seen everywhere? Let’s get to know what these herbs are, identify them and know their benefits.

Demulcent herbs are plants that contain a compound known as mucilage that soothes and protects the irritated tissues in our bodies. When demulcents are applied to the skin, they act as emollients. 

Demulcents can reduce bowel irritation caused by gastric acids and eases gastric spasms caused by colic. It may also benefit other internal organs like the lungs and urinary system. Because of its mucilage content, it helps alleviate symptoms of gastric, respiratory and urinary diseases, as well as skin disorders.

Here are some plants considered demulcent herbs that can benefit our bodies.

  1. Licorice root. This herb is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling, redness, and discomfort.
  2. Aloe Vera. The leaves of aloe vera contain a gel-like substance that can benefit the skin and eases pain and prevents swelling.
  3. Psyllium. It is a soluble fiber, that forms a bulk and acts as a laxative. You can take psyllium if you have constipation because it regularizes bowel movement.
  4. Milk thistle. Milk thistle is a plant that commonly helps in treating liver problems because it has protective properties that promote liver health.
  5. Mullein. Mullein plants contain mucilage that can coat the inner linings of our airways, expelling too much mucus t, keeping your lungs healthy.
  6. Irish moss. This seaweed can ease clogged airways when you have cough and colds. It is also an aid in promoting a healthy gut because of its probiotic effect.

These are only some of the demulcent herbs that you can try and include in your healthy diet regimen. Seek the advice of your healthcare provider to learn more about all these plants. It will help you decide which demulcent herbs are right for you.

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