Milk Thistle For Your Liver Health

Milk Thistle For Your Liver Health

The liver is the largest solid organ and the largest gland of our bodies. It serves as a filter to eliminate toxins, it metabolizes the food that we eat and drink and the medicines that we take. It also stores nutrients as well. With all these essential functions of the liver, how do we maintain its health? Let’s get to know more about milk thistle, a medicinal plant that can provide health benefits to our liver. 

Milk thistle is a plant that bears flowers and it originates from the Mediterranean countries. This plant is commonly used as a natural remedy. 

One of the common uses of milk thistle is the ability to aid in treating liver problems. Studies have found out that the active ingredient of this medicinal plant, is silymarin. Milk thistle contains 65-80% of silymarin and this acts as an antioxidant that decreases the production of free radicals in the body. This will in turn reduce the chance of the liver to further damage, hence it is the reason why milk thistle is used as supportive treatment if you have liver problems and disorders like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis and even liver cancer. 

Since the liver is responsible for breaking down the food and medicines that we ingest, sometimes we are not aware that some of what we consume may produce free radicals that may be harmful to our liver. But with milk thistle as part of our daily food supplement, it will somehow protect the liver from damage with the help of its active ingredient silymarin. 

Milk thistle has potential benefits to promote liver health. However, this medicinal plant should not be mistaken as a treatment for certain liver diseases such as cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer but instead, serve as adjuncts to prevent the liver from further damage. 

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