Interesting Facts About Licorice Root For Herpes That You Need To Know

Interesting Facts About Licorice Root For Herpes That You Need To Know

Herpes is a viral infection that can either lead you to develop cold sores or sexually transmitted diseases. While medications are available to treat the active stage of herpes, it has lifelong effects once you have this infection and may remain dormant inside your body. But did you know that there is an herb you commonly see in commercial markets that can benefit you from herpes? If you've tried licorice root before and never thought that it could potentially treat both types of herpes infection, read on. 

Licorice root, just like Irish moss and aloe vera, is a demulcent herb with a sweet smell and taste. It is a frequently used herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of its powerful properties.

The herb has two compounds: glycyrrhizin and flavonoids. 

Glycyrrhizin has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce swelling, redness, and discomfort. Licorice root has antiviral properties because it contains flavonoids that inhibit the virus's growth inside our bodies. Flavonoids can also be our body's immune booster to effectively destroy the virus, thus decreasing the seriousness of the symptoms that herpes infection produces. 

Licorice root is available in the market as a dried or fresh herb and in cream, gel, and capsule form. Licorice root works best when combined with other herbs, and taking it in small amounts is recommended to avoid potential effects. 

If you're planning to take licorice root as an herbal supplement, seek a healthcare provider's advice first to understand the benefits and risks better. 

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