Psyllium As Natural Colon And Parasite Detox

Psyllium As Natural Colon And Parasite Detox

Every one of us may have some sort of digestive issue going on and one of the major causes of bad or unhealthy digestion is having parasites. Parasites refer to any organism that lives off another organism. One common type of parasite is worms. We are all prone to coming in contact with parasites if we frequently eat raw or undercooked meat, if we often swim in lakes, rivers, and streams, if we have close contacts with pets like handling cat litter or if we practice poor hygiene. We may also be infected with parasites if we travel a lot especially in developing countries where there are unsanitary conditions. Moreover, having inadequate nutrition and if the climate is hot and humid may also contribute in getting infected with parasites. So what’s the best way to get rid of and prevent parasites from our bodies? To eliminate parasites naturally, you may want to consider using psyllium as a natural colon and parasite detox. Is it effective? Let’s find out!

Psyllium is soluble fiber and comes from the husk of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata. How come psyllium husk is effective for constipation? This is because the husk is a bulk-forming laxative which means that it can absorb water making the bowel movement much easier as well as promoting regularity. 

To have a healthy immune function, you must have a healthy colony of good bacteria in the digestive system. This can be possible if you will use psyllium as part of your supplements. It contains prebiotic substances that help increase good bacteria in the gut. This will less likely to promote an environment for the parasite to grow in our tummies, by enabling the action of psyllium to remove parasite eggs. 

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If you are planning to take psyllium every day, studies suggest that taking 5-10 grams three times a day does not have serious side effects so you can take it regularly as part of a healthy diet. Nevertheless, talking to your healthcare provider before taking the supplement is advisable to discuss allergies or if you are taking other medications for other diseases. 

If you want to try psyllium as a supplement, you can check it here. To know more about other supplements for colon detox, click this link.

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