How Slippery Elm Bark Can Do Wonders For Your Health

How Slippery Elm Bark Can Do Wonders For Your Health

Have you heard of slippery elm bark before? Whether you’re not familiar with it or have read it in passing as one of the ingredients in your dietary supplements, read on and find out how this herb can do wonders for your health.

Slippery elm originates from the eastern part of North America. Its red inner bark, when mixed with water, produces a glutinous material known as mucilage. Native Americans who use this herb in their traditional medicine found that mucilage is therapeutic because it has a soothing effect either after taking it orally or applied topically.

The following are health conditions that may benefit from slippery elm bark:

  1. Digestive disorders.

Since slippery elm bark forms a gel-like substance, this herb acts as a demulcent, which means it can provide a temporary barrier to the intestines. If you have digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease and heartburn, your slippery elm bark intake will soothe your symptoms.

  1. Respiratory disorders.

The slippery elm bark's mucilage coats the inner lining of your throat and airways, giving relief when you have a sore throat. Additionally, slippery elm bark is believed to have an antitussive effect, which may relieve cough symptoms.

  1. Urinary tract disorders.

When you have urinary tract infections, you feel pain and slippery elm bark works by soothing your urinary tract's lining, easing your painful and irritating symptoms.

  1. Skin disorders

If you apply it to your skin, the mucilage substance of slippery elm bark becomes an emollient. It can benefit your skin, especially if you're suffering from skin disorders like psoriasis. It also soothes the skin that can help promote skin health. 

Slippery elm bark is available in a variety of forms. If you plan to take it as a supplement, make sure to purchase only in reputable markets and read the product label before purchasing it. It is also wise to consult with your doctor before trying any supplements to verify its health claims. 

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