The Truth About Lysine In Treating Cold Sores

The Truth About Lysine In Treating Cold Sores

If you’ve been suffering from recurrent bouts of colds sores lately, Lysine is one common remedy for it. Do you know why Lysine is a popular go-to treatment? Let’s try to understand more about it.

Lysine is considered an essential amino acid because it is an important building block of protein. Our bodies cannot produce it, so you have to get it from food rich in Lysine such as dairy products, red meat and fish. However, there is also plant-based food rich in Lysine and this includes fenugreek, tomatoes and potatoes to name a few. 

One function Lysine has that benefits our health lies on its role for helping our immune system. Consuming Lysine may beat certain health infections such as cold sores. How does it help? It acts by slowing down the growth of herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1), which is responsible for developing cold sores. 

Cold sores appear on the lip or the corners of your mouth as painful, tingling blisters. This occurs when your immune system weakens. 

There are studies that proved Lysine decreases the cold sores breakout. By taking Lysine supplements, it may help reduce the virus causing cold sores to replicate, thus reducing the duration of the cold sore. Lysine blocks another amino acid- Arginine which is needed in order for the virus causing cold sores (HSV-1) to multiply. However, Lysine cannot cure the person of the virus. It may only stop or slow the life cycle  of the virus, because once the person has contracted it, they will always experience recurrence of infection. 

Lysine is safe to use either as cream or as supplements. Though most doctors agree about its safety, if you are planning to use Lysine products, following the packaging instructions is still important to avoid any possible side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

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