Do Raspberry Ketone Really Aids in Weight Loss?

Do Raspberry Ketone Really Aids in Weight Loss?

Losing weight is very challenging to achieve. Most would try conventional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise, some would opt to try natural herb supplements. One supplement that’s gaining popularity nowadays because of its potential benefits is raspberry ketone. 

Raspberry ketones are the reason behind the powerful aroma that raspberry has. It’s a natural substance that can also be found in other fruits such as blackberries, peaches and kiwis.

How do they aid in losing weight? Here’s how they work.

Raspberry ketones may boost your body’s metabolism. This may be possible by melting your body fat, which in turn responds more to the fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine

Raspberry ketones may also increase the release of the hormone, adiponectin. Fat cells release adiponectin which is responsible for controlling metabolism and blood sugar levels. Having high levels of adiponectin in your body means that you’ll have a normal weight and will less likely become overweight. 

Raspberry ketones may also play a role in inhibiting pancreatic lipase. Pancreatic lipase is an enzyme that helps digest the fats that you ingest. If raspberry ketones can impede the function of this enzyme, this means that the fats you ate will not be stored inside your body, helping you lose weight. 

Taking raspberry ketones as supplements is beneficial, however, its benefits can only be shown in animal studies. Since there are still limited human studies to prove its effectiveness, it’s best to seek the advice of a healthcare provider before taking this supplement. 

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