Chokeberry, The Superfood

Chokeberry, The Superfood

If you are a loyal consumer of natural products, you are aware that for a food to be considered a superfood, it must contain an exceptional nutrient density. And one typical example of a superfood is chokeberry. Have you ever wondered the potential health benefits of this fruit to our health? Let’s find out!

Chokeberry is a native berry that is also known for its other name, aronia berry. It is a fleshy fruit, berry-like pome that turns deep purple when ripe. 

When you include chokeberry in your regular diet, it will provide you the following benefits:

1. Anti-cancer qualities 

The reason behind for its deep purple color is the antioxidant present in this fruit - anthocyanin. This phytochemical have strong anti-cancer properties that may affect the growth of cancer in the body. This may be possible by blocking some of the stages of a cancer’s life or it may induce ‘apoptosis’ - the ability of cancer cells to commit suicide.

2. Aids blood sugar control

Studies have shown that patient regularly drinking chokeberry juice did not cause blood sugar levels to go up by regulating the pancreas function. 

3. Powerful antioxidants

Chokeberry is abundant with  antioxidants and this means that it has a powerful and protective effect infight disease and early aging

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Since chokeberry has anti-inflammatory properties, this may aid us in fighting many leading causes of death such as heart diseases. 

5. Controlled weight

Research shows that chokeberry enhances the levels of a hormone called adiponectin that has a role in telling your body to use fat as energy. 

Trying to incorporate a superfood such as chokeberry in your regular diet should be regarded as simple and can be accomplished to improve your overall health.

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