How Drinking Coffee Can Make You Lose Weight

How Drinking Coffee Can Make You Lose Weight

If you’re a coffee lover and someone who’s looking for a natural way to lose weight, well here’s good news: you can lose weight by drinking coffee. How is that possible? Introducing: green coffee!

Green coffee is the seed of the coffee fruit that is raw and unroasted. It is believed that the extract from the green coffee bean is rich in chlorogenic acid - a compound that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The following are reasons why green coffee may aid in losing weight.

  1. It burns fat. Since green coffee is abundant with chlorogenic acid, this helps melt the unwanted fat that you have in your body. By burning the fat, it results in the production of usable energy and it somehow supports weight loss.
  2. It’s a metabolism booster. Metabolism is a process that occurs in our bodies resulting to energy production that is used to do everything:  from moving to thinking, to growing.  By drinking green coffee, it may increase your body’s metabolism, thus burning excess fat, which in turn leads to losing weight. 
  3. It makes you lose your appetite. It’s true that overeating is the reason behind gaining weight. If you’ve been experiencing this, you may want to try drinking green coffee. Green coffee acts by controlling your cravings making you lose your appetite and eventually lets you lose weight. 
  4. It decreases the absorption of sugar in your body. It was believed that green coffee suppresses the absorption of sugar in your small intestines, making it unavailable to be stored as fat. 

Though green coffee extract is popularly marketed as an aid for losing weight, more human research should be done to support this claim. It is still best to consult your doctor if you want to try green coffee in losing those extra pounds. 

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