4 Health Benefits of Using Black Seed Oil

4 Health Benefits of Using Black Seed Oil

Melanocytes, Merkel cells, Keratinocytes, and Langerhans skin cells sustain the skin. This is essential because, after all, the skin is what protects our bodies from infections, water, sun damage, and much more. However, over time, the skin gets damaged from these external elements. This presents a need for effective skincare products to keep the skin vibrant and healthy. One remedy is applying black seed oil to the skin or consuming it. However, black seed oil is not for everyone. For this reason, it is wise for a person to consult with a doctor to know if choosing black seed oil will benefit their health. 

Black seed oil is a liquid created by extracting ingredients from Nigella sativa, a plant native to southwest Asia. For centuries, black seed oil has been prized for its large amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients. Not only are there black seed oil skin benefits, but the nutrients sustain the body in many different ways when consumed. The following is a list of black seed oil benefits.

Weight Loss

When using black seed oil, its antioxidants impact weight loss. To elaborate, these antioxidants manage the amount of serum glucose in the body. This type of glucose stimulates hunger cravings, but when there are fewer amounts of this glucose, these feelings of hunger decrease. Moreover, performing aerobic exercises with black seed oil ingested in the body can promote weight loss as well. Additionally, antioxidants can help combat inflammation, which can cause people to retain more weight. 

Alleviation of Pain

When consumed, black seed oil can treat several different types of pain, including rheumatoid arthritis inflammation. This type of inflammation is located in the joints of the affected individual. Additionally, when someone suffers from stomach cramps, the antioxidants in the black seed oil combat the targeted area, reducing the feeling of pain. These antioxidants also decrease the presence of ulcers developing in the stomach. Black seed oil can also be used to remedy diarrhea and kidney problems when a customer takes a teaspoon of the oil. 

Knee pain can also be relieved when black seed oil is applied to the skin. Other types of pain that it can help reduce are joint stiffness, back pain, and muscles.

Diabetes Treatment

The side effects of diabetes include raised cholesterol levels and blood sugar. When consumed, the ingredients in black seed oil can promote healthy levels of cholesterol in the body. Additionally, when black seed oil is consumed, it can help with beta-cell proliferation. Beta cells provide insulin in the body to regulate the amount of blood sugar in the body. When beta cells are replenished, more insulin can be produced to manage a person’s blood sugar levels. Black seed oil does not replace diabetes treatment and should only help cope with the disease.

Cancer Prevention

One antioxidant named thymoquinone has the ability to decrease the rate at which cancerous tumors grow. Moreover, one study suggests that black seed oil can keep cells safe from harmful radiation to prevent cancer development in the body. Additionally, thymoquinone can cause apoptosis, a natural process of killing cells, including cancerous cells. When this happens, the body is protected from developing multiple types of cancer, including brain cancer. There is still much research to be done on the relationship between the effect of black seed oil on cancerous cells. 

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