Camu Camu + Other Effective Anti-Aging Supplements [for Vegans]

Camu Camu + Other Effective Anti-Aging Supplements [for Vegans]

Aging is a natural part of life where the skin loses its smooth texture. Melanocytes, cells that produce a skin-protecting pigment called melanin, become less present in the body. As this happens, the skin loses protection against the sun and other natural elements. However, many people seek remedies to combat the pace of aging, including exercising. Moreover, people are aware that they need to consume anti-aging supplements that will decrease the rate of aging.

What makes Black Vegan Shop stand out is its vegan anti-aging supplements. We understand that many of our customers cannot consume animal-based products for dietary or any other reason. Moreover, consuming vegan products comes with an array of benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels. One major benefit is having healthier skin. The following are four effective supplements for anti-aging.

Camu Camu Capsules

These Camu Camu Capsules are packed with vitamins and minerals that keep your skin healthy, including Vitamin C and much more. The Camu Camu fruit comes from trees grown in the Amazon flood plain. In this region, the soil is flooded, providing the trees large amounts of nutrients. So, when the fruit is extracted, our Camu Camu Capsules contain these nutrients that combat the effects of aging. Resveratrol is among these ingredients that prolong the lifespan of cells in the body, slowing down the rate of aging on the skin.

Additionally, these capsules sustain the health of nails and hair. As we age, the body produces more bodily acid. The vitamins and nutrients in these capsules allow for more acid-alkaline balance, or pH balance, to improve the quality of the skin. 

Organic Turmeric Root Powder

Sold as one pound each, Organic Turmeric Root Powder is another anti-aging product. This root powder contains an ingredient called curcumin, which is a group of antioxidant compounds located in the turmeric herb. Curcumin is located in the rhizome of the turmeric herb. When ingested, these compounds provide anti-aging benefits. The root powder is extracted from tropical perennial plants harvested from India.

If any customer is pregnant, they should avoid using this product for the safety of their health. Additionally, those planning to become pregnant should consume this product sparingly. It is also wise to consult your doctor before taking this product if a customer suffers from heart problems.

Elderberry Capsules

Another anti-aging remedy is Elderberry Capsules, which should be consumed twice a day with two capsules each time. For hundreds of years, elderberry has been consumed for its anti-aging effects. These capsules come with essential vitamins and nutrients to protect different body parts, including the heart. Moreover, these berries contain antioxidants to strengthen the immune system and keep the skin healthy. 

Moringa Capsules

Lastly, Moringa Capsules also come with antioxidants and nutrients, including Magnesium, replenishing the skin. Additionally, these nutrients protect the cell anatomy in the body and promote the health of the kidneys. The capsules are extracted from the organic moringa oleifera leaf and are 500 mg each. Also, its antioxidants and vitamins act as anti-aging agents and sustain the brain and eyes. The tree where these ingredients are harvested is dubbed the Moringa “Miracle Tree” because of all of the nutrients inside the oleifera leaves. 

Moreover, Moringa has been used by international food programs to combat starvation. Additionally, its nutrients regulate the sugar levels and metabolism of the body. Before taking this product, it is wise to consult with a doctor.

At Black Vegan Shop, we take pride as a black-owned company to offer high-grade vegan health supplements for the best results every time. Come shop on our online store to explore the best anti-aging supplements!

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