Best Iron Supplements to Prevent or Treat Iron Deficiency

Best Iron Supplements to Prevent or Treat Iron Deficiency

Iron is an essential mineral for the body because it allows oxygen to be spread throughout the body. To elaborate, hemoglobin is a red blood cell protein made from iron and provides oxygen to the lungs. Without oxygen, essentially, the body stops functioning. Additionally, the body’s amount of iron averages between three and a half to four grams of iron, depending on the biological gender. When this number drops, it is important for a person to consult with their doctor to know if they are suffering from iron deficiency. 

Iron deficiency anemia is an irregularity where there is insufficient iron in the body. What this means is that there is not enough hemoglobin to provide oxygen to the body. When this happens, people can experience fatigue, chest pain, and more symptoms. While some causes of iron deficiency can be genetic, there are many other causes, including pregnancy. Another common cause of iron deficiency is when a person’s diet does not include a lot of iron.

Oftentimes, people seek iron supplements to remedy iron deficiency anemia. Iron supplements can take the form of powder, gel, and much more. However, it is wise to consult a doctor if a person is considering taking iron supplements. At Black Vegan Shop, we provide reliable iron supplements to prevent the development of iron deficiency in the body. The following is a list of our iron supplements.

Nettle Leaf Powder (Urtica Dioica)

Our Nettle Leaf Powder can be consumed with one teaspoon serving concocted with a customer’s favorite beverage. Other names for the herb are nettle, big string nettle, common nettle, and much more. The nettle leaf herb has been used for centuries to remedy iron deficiencies in the body. The reason is that this herb comes with large levels of iron, replenishing a person’s iron levels when consumed. This supplement is also cultivated from Bulgaria, and it belongs to the species Urtica dioica. Our Nettle Leaf Powder can be delivered in about five to ten days when ordered online. 

Moringa Capsules

Our Moringa Capsules are sourced from moringa leaves, where the iron levels are very high, much more than spinach. For thousands of years, people have consumed moringa to remedy iron insufficiencies. These 500 mg capsules are packed with large amounts of Vitamin C, which allows the body to absorb more iron in the body. Additionally, they are rich in Calcium, which is another vitamin that increases the body’s ability to absorb iron. Customers can order a bottle of thirty, sixty, or ninety capsules at a time.

Whole Leaf Irish Sea Moss

Whole Leaf Raw Irish Sea Moss is another excellent iron supplement sold as one pound. This ingredient is cultivated from the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Specifically, islands in the Caribbean, including Jamaica, have used this remedy for many years for iron deficiencies. This ingredient has a very high amount of iron, providing a lot of iron intake when consumed. Moreover, it also comes with Calcium and Vitamin C to allow the body to absorb more iron. Additionally, our sea moss is rich in potassium, letting the body take in more iron.

The proper way to consume raw sea moss is to follow a series of steps to prepare the raw food. Afterward, customers can blend the moss and let it refrigerate. Once ready to eat, customers can consume it with cream pie, meringue, and other tasty delicacies. Customers can also trust in its non-GMO ingredients when consuming our sea moss.

As a black-owned company, Black Vegan Shop prioritizes providing reliable vegan products to our customers. Come check out our website for more information on our health supplements!

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