What Reishi Mushroom Can Do For Your Health

What Reishi Mushroom Can Do For Your Health

A lot of you don’t know about reishi mushroom as a natural supplement. This fungus has been used in East Asian traditional medicine for more than 2,000 years. 

But despite its widespread use and increasing popularity as a natural remedy in US markets, only a few studies are available to prove its safety and effectiveness in our health. Do you want to know the benefits that the reishi mushroom can give? Keep reading to understand more about this rare mushroom and find out if this dietary supplement is right for you. 

What is reishi mushroom?

Reishi mushrooms grow in hot and humid climates and can be found under deciduous trees. This mushroom can be eaten fresh and can be taken in powdered form as well. What’s good about this fungus is, three health benefits that are strongly proven by studies are found to be useful for our bodies. 


  • Immune system booster

It is considered as the most beneficial effect of reishi mushroom. Studies have found out that it greatly affects the inflammatory reaction of white blood cells that functions a crucial role in the immune system. A small clinical trial was conducted and showed that this fungus enhanced the immune system of patients with advanced-stage cancer by increasing the activity of natural killer cells, a type of white blood cells.

Not only this mushroom is beneficial to patients who are sick, but it benefits healthy people as well. One study proved that the function of the immune system in healthy adults greatly improved after a 4-week intake of the reishi extract.

  • Anti-cancer benefits.

There were several test-tube studies conducted about the anti-cancer effects of reishi mushroom. It benefits patients with prostate cancer because of its effect on the male hormone, testosterone. It also plays a part in colorectal cancer prevention by decreasing the number and size of the tumors present in the large intestines. Enhancing white blood cell activity in our bodies is the major function of reishi mushroom in cancer patients, enhancing their quality of life. 

  • It treats fatigue and Depression.

According to researchers, fatigue was reduced, resulting in improved quality of life after an 8-week intake of reishi supplements. Additionally, people who participated in the study were later found out to be less anxious and less depressed. 

Other Potential Benefits

The following potential benefits were also supported by studies but were less conclusive. Thus more research is still advised:

  • Improves heart health
  • Controls blood sugar
  • Antioxidant properties

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