Understanding The Benefits Of A Steam Chalice

Understanding The Benefits Of A Steam Chalice

You may be wondering what a steam chalice is. If you are not familiar with it but fond of using vaporizers, let’s explore why it is considered a safe and natural way in smoking an herb.

The steam chalice is part of the Jamaican culture. It is used to smoke an herb naturally because it produces the smallest amount of toxic by-products by indirectly using fire placed on the herb. The steam chalice is made of natural materials: the clay bowl or Kutchie where the herb is placed, a bamboo rod used to inhale the steam and calabash, or coconut pieces used as charcoal for combustion. The charcoal is placed on top of the ceramic To smoke the chalice, the bamboo rod is attached to the calabash or coconut base for inhalation while the charcoal is being heated up. 

Steam chalices are useful tools if you plan to detoxify, as it cleans out toxins and other free radicals. It’s all-natural, tastes nice and it’s therapeutic. Steam chalice users claim that it strengthens your lungs, allowing you to breathe more deeply, it prevents cough and colds and it even eliminates congested nose. You have a choice of what herbs to use when steaming: mint, rosemary, turmeric, ginger, it will all depend on your preferred herb. 

When using a steam chalice with herbs, you’ll be getting the medicinal effects in the form of a vapor. The charcoal serves as activated charcoal to fuel the herb and also brings you in a meditative state giving you the energy and clarity on your thoughts. 

If you want to try a steam chalice to experience the invigorating effect to your body, click this link now!

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