9 Reasons Why Exclusive 9 Oil Blend is Useful for Beard Growth

9 Reasons Why Exclusive 9 Oil Blend is Useful for Beard Growth

Men love to grow their beards. Beards are attractive when it is neat, orderly, and well-groomed. But there are times that it becomes unmanageable when it grows. 


Some would prefer to use wax, balms, and creams to tidy it. Yet, as you use these products for long periods of time, the skin becomes itchy, you tend to scratch it, and then it irritates the skin. Not to mention the beard dandruff it may produce.  So what other product can you use? 


Good news!, Black Vegan Shop has formulated a product called Exclusive 9 Oil Blend.


The reason behind its name is that it has a combination of 9 different carrier oils. These carrier oils are essential for hair and skincare to have a perfect beard. 


Unlike Jamaican Black Castor oil, Exclusive 9 Oil Blend works only for beard hair. But what makes it so special? Here are the following 9 reasons why it is useful for beard growth.


exclusive 9 oil blend

1. Argan oil

  Pressing the kernels in the fruit of the Argan tree produces Argan oil. This oil acts as a moisturizer that softens the beard hair and skin giving its natural shine. It also untangles rowdy hair.

2. Vitamin E Oil. 

 Like the Argan oil, Vitamin E moisturizes the skin reducing the itchiness and flakiness of the beard.

3. Hemp seed oil

  Since it contains Omega 6 and 3, Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, it gives hair the soft feeling and a smooth texture.


exclusive 9 oil blend for beard growth

4. Jojoba oil

  Jojoba oil comes from the Jojoba plant, a native of Southern Arizona, Southern California, and Northwestern Mexico.  You can use this oil alone or with a combination of essential oils. It doesn't produce blackheads and it does not irritate the skin.

5. Grape seed oil

  The oil comes from the seeds of the cultured wine grapes. Because it is the lightest of all oils, it absorbs quickly which is ideal for pimple prone skin.


6. Avocado oil

  The seeds of the fruit undergo cold pressing producing the oil. It contains collagen giving a fuller and healthier beard.


exclusive 9 oil blend benefits for beard


7. Sweet Almond Oil

  Mechanical pressing the almonds will produce the oil. It strengthens hair which prevents hair breakage. It has high Magnesium content that encourages hair growth.

8. Apricot kernel oil 

  It contains Omega 9 and 6 with high levels of Vitamin B. It also restores dry skin and breakable hair. 

9. Pumpkin seed oil 

  It hydrates the hair roots enhancing hair growth. It also protects the beard from damage such as air pollution.


So if you want to see results, you might want to try Exclusive 9 oil blend. Regain your confidence by having a perfectly grown healthy beard!


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