5 Unexpected But Remarkable Facts About Moringa To Sex Life

5 Unexpected But Remarkable Facts About Moringa To Sex Life

Moringa (Moringa oleifa), which is commonly found in tropical countries, is known as the “Tree of Life” or “Miracle Tree” because all parts of the tree (leaves, seeds, flowers, and bark) are considered medicinal and nutritious. Aside from being medicinal and a superfood, did you know that it is also a potential aphrodisiac? Let’s discover the 5 unexpected but remarkable facts about Moringa that may enhance sexual life. 

1.  Stress Reducer

Studies have shown that Moringa is a performance enhancer. It decreases the production of stress hormones in the body that causes male sex hormone dysfunction. Reduced stress is obvious when you take Moringa on a regular basis and this will improve male sex hormone function because of the saponin content of the tree. This results in increasing sexual desire and preventing impotence. 

2.  Promotes Heath of the Prostate gland

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive organ which is essential in producing semen in males. Moringa promotes prostate health because it contains glucosinolates a sulfur-containing compound that helps impedes the growth of cancer-causing cells in the prostate gland. This plant also prevents middle-aged men from having benign prostatic hyperplasia where the prostate gland enlarges causing difficulty in urination.



3.  Increased Libido


Aside from saponins, Moringa contains Vitamin D which helps in the sexual arousal for both men and women. It has positive effects on the male sex hormone. 


4.  Eases Impotence


Another vitamin that can be found in Moringa is Vitamin C. This vitamin increases blood flow in sex organs to both sexes. It decreases the possibility of impotence in males.



5.  Improve fertility


The most common causes of infertility problems are sperm motility and sperm production. The leaves of Moringa contain antioxidants that may improve sperm count decreasing the occurrence of infertility.



Moringa may provide a simple and cheap approach to improving sex life because of these unexpected but remarkable facts. However, it is suggested that more human studies should be done to confirm its effectiveness. 


Moringa may be taken in different forms but it has proven that capsule form gives more benefits to the body.

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