Why Black Walnut Hulls Are Considered A Remedy For Intestinal Worms

Why Black Walnut Hulls Are Considered A Remedy For Intestinal Worms

Having parasitic infections like intestinal worms are often left undetected. If you’re fond of eating raw meat like sushi, swimming in lakes and rivers or traveling to developing countries where unsanitary practices are most likely, chances are, you’ll end up having these parasites lurking inside your body and may not be even aware that you’re already suffering from an infection. There are many prescription medicines available to treat it, but if you prefer to try herbal remedies, you may want to consider black walnut hulls. 

What is Black Walnut Hulls?

Black Walnut is a tree that grows in areas with occasional rainfalls and near creek beds. It’s a native of North America and believed to have been used by Native Americans in their traditional medicine. 

Black Walnut Hulls are popularly known to have anti-parasitic properties as it has the ability to eliminate different kinds of intestinal worms. How does this tree do that? Let’s find out!

How do Black Walnut Hulls Get Rid of Intestinal worms?

Black walnut hulls is effective in killing parasites such as intestinal worms. It contains an active ingredient known as juglone that is considered a natural herbicide since it has worm killing properties. High amounts of juglone can be found in the hulls of black walnut.

Another potent compound that black walnut has is tannin. Tannin is believed to be abundant in the bark, hulls and leaves of the tree. Both tannin and juglone act by allowing oxygen supply in the blood, which can kill parasites. Once killed, black walnut will act as a laxative to eventually expel the parasite outside the body which is the reason why it is also considered as a parasite cleanse. 

How to take Black Walnut Hulls

If you plan to take black walnut hulls as part of your parasite detox, it is recommended that you take it with other herbs to experience its effectiveness. The combination with other herbs such as psyllium and slippery elm bark to name a few, will be successful in getting rid of a wide variety of human parasites and intestinal worms. 

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