Understanding The Link Between Muira Puama And Your Sexual Drive

Understanding The Link Between Muira Puama And Your Sexual Drive

Muira puama is a bush that grows in the Amazon region. The roots and stems are used for medicinal purposes. Did you know that in Brazilian folk medicine, this bush is known to be a natural aphrodisiac? Lets find out and understand if there’s a link between Muira puama and your libido. 

Muira puama is said to believe to be a natural remedy to certain disorders such as upset stomach, menstrual complaints and premenstrual syndromes. It has also been proven in a clinical study that this plant boosts libido in women with low sex drives. In the same study it was found out that 65% of the women who participated in taking the supplements reported improved sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. The same women also reported experiencing more sexual fantasies and increased orgasm intensity.

Muira puama may help in treating age-related erectile dysfunction or penile hardness in men. It acts as a nerve stimulator that increases sexual stimulus and physical sensation to sex. It contains a wide variety of natural sterols that activates the body to produce the male hormone  testosterone, thus heightening the libido and improving sexual performance. Another compound that is present in this plant is volatile oils such as champor that helps restore sex drive and the ability of the mind to get aroused. 

The use of muira puama as an aphrodisiac may well provide one of the more effective natural approaches for erectile dysfunction and sex enhancement. This plant may be a solution to regaining your loss of self esteem. However, talk to your healthcare provider for advice before trying this supplement. 

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