Tribulus Terrestris : A Natural Aphrodisiac That Puts You In The Mood

Tribulus Terrestris : A Natural Aphrodisiac That Puts You In The Mood

Every one of us wants to have better sex and aphrodisiacs may well be the one that crosses all barriers: race culture and age. Medicinal approaches, though effective, may produce serious side effects. Hence, if you’re looking for an aphrodisiac, you may want to consider herbal and organic products such as Tribulus Terrestris. What is it and how will it put you in the mood for sex? Let’s find out!

Tribulus, which has so many common names (puncture vine, cat’s head, yellow vine, devil’s thorn, devil weed, goat head), is a small flowering plant that grows in countries with temperate climates like Asia and Africa. The fruit, leaf, and root are medicinal and it treats a number of disorders, including sexual dysfunction. 

Research has proven that women who had sexual dysfunction and were taking Tribulus were satisfied sexually. It improves sexual desire, arousal, sensation, as well as orgasm and sexual comfort. In Brazilian studies, researchers found out that both premenopausal and postmenopausal women benefit in the effects of Tribulus which is enhanced sexual function. 

For men, Tribulus may help with impotence and infertility and this is backed up with a 3-month study conducted in Bulgaria. It was later found out that those men with ages 18 to 65 with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction and infertility have significant improvement in terms of sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and erections. Additionally, these same group of men was observed to have improved sperm motility and quality. 

The levels of sex hormones: testosterone in men and androgens in women were observed by researchers as inconclusive and they speculated that Tribulus may not increase the sex hormones, instead, it increases another compound that also plays an important role in sexual function: nitric oxide. 

Tribulus is believed to be safe in recommended amounts, however, discussing the use of this herb with your healthcare provider is a wise idea to see if it’s appropriate for you. 

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