Is Damiana An Effective Natural Aphrodisiac?

Is Damiana An Effective Natural Aphrodisiac?

Cold winter months are a great time to turn up the heat in the bedroom, but sometimes women don’t always seem to be in the mood. Women experience stress and hormonal changes all the time which may be the reasons why their libido suffers. Luckily, there’s a known natural aphrodisiac for women that has been used over a hundred years ago and it is still used today. It’s called damiana. Let’s find out more about this herb.

What is damiana?

Damiana is a small, woody shrub that commonly grows in southern Texas in the United States as well as in Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. The shrub has a characteristic spicy odor due to the presence of essential oils in the plant. The leaves are the most commonly used part for herbal medicine purposes.

Is damiana effective in women’s libido?

The reason why the leaves of damiana are believed to have aphrodisiac effects is due to its high flavonoid content. It aids to enhance female sexual libido by increasing the blood circulation and sensitivity of female sex organs. A study was conducted where a placebo-controlled group of women participated. The women were asked to take the supplement and after 4 weeks of intake, they were noted to have a significant increase in sexual desire as well as attaining a satisfying sex life. 

How can I take damiana?

Damiana can be taken alone, however, the effect of this herb in your body may be noticeable if the herb is in combination with other natural aphrodisiacs such as ginkgo and Catuaba. Damiana is available and being sold in the market as tea bags, tincture, and capsules

Is it safe if I take damiana?

While damiana may not be harmful as long as you’re healthy, you should seek first the advice of a healthcare provider especially if you have certain medical conditions. Using damiana with caution is a good idea to avoid any potential side effects. 

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