How Supplements Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

How Supplements Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

For those wanting to have a child, getting pregnant can be scary. Many people have shared their stories of struggling through an inability to get pregnant, going through IVF, dealing with erectile dysfunction, or simply having it take much longer than expected to get pregnant. However, when someone decides they are ready to have a baby, dealing with these things can become serious obstacles that can take a mental and physical toll on the body. So what steps can people take to increase their chances of getting pregnant? Men and women alike can take fertility supplements to improve these chances! Read below to learn about some of the best health supplements to increase fertility that we offer at Black Vegan Shop, a Black-owned vegan health company.

Tongkat Ali Extract Powder

Many fertility supplements are geared toward women, but at Black Vegan Shop, we know it takes two to tango, so we offer one for men as well: Tongkat Ali extract powder! This powder was dubbed the “Asian Viagra'' as it has been used for years in Asia to increase libido, sexual performance, and treat erectile dysfunction. It does this by increasing testosterone levels, the hormone responsible for the development and functioning of men’s reproductive organs. Tongkat ali extract powder leads to higher sperm concentration and semen volume, increasing chances of pregnancy. Beyond its fertility benefits, it can also be used to increase muscle mass and body strength!   

Maca Root

Maca root is a fertility supplement that works for both men and women. It improves libido, increases fertility, and works as a mood-booster. Overall, it helps to regulate hormones in the body that have impacts on energy and fertility. Additionally, maca root contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals that work to keep the body functioning as best as possible, again helping to increase chances of getting pregnant. Vitamins C, A, B2, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium are all found in this fertility supplement. The capsules are easy to take and should be taken two to four times per day.

Sea Moss Powder

The third fertility supplement we recommend is sea moss powder. Sea moss, like maca root, can be used by both men and women to increase fertility. It is a red algae found in the Atlantic Ocean that is dried and turned into powder form. Sea moss contains folate, iodine, and iron, all of which have been shown to increase fertility specifically in women. For men, sea moss increases sperm count and concentration as well as testosterone levels. These vitamins both help to increase fertility and contribute to a well-balanced intake of nutrients, which can also help fertility issues. Like the other fertility supplements, this powder works to increase fertility while also targeting several other areas of wellness. For example, sea moss is known for supporting thyroid and gut health, thereby targeting weight loss issues and allowing weight loss to happen more effectively. Additionally, it supports immune health and muscle recovery. Because Black Vegan Shop offers it as a powder, it is easy to mix into water, plant-based milks, or smoothies.

Best Fertility Supplements at Black Vegan Shop

Pregnancy is a journey that starts before conception. People spend years trying to increase fertility and become pregnant with different methods, but one of the best ways to do this is by taking fertility supplements. At Black Vegan Shop, we offer the above supplements, which are all-natural and vegan, so we know it is safe and good for our customers’ bodies. Visit us at https://www.blackveganshop.com/ to learn more about our all-natural products and the best fertility supplements to increase fertility. 

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