All You Need To Know About The Versatile Blue Vervain

All You Need To Know About The Versatile Blue Vervain

Blue vervain is known to have both culinary and medicinal uses. The seeds of this plant can be roasted and grounded into powder and the leaves can be used as tea or eaten as a salad. When it comes to its medicinal use, it gives benefits to every system in the body. Do you want to find out if this herb is the right fit for your regular health regimen? Let’s take a look at how this versatile herb can benefit your health.

Blue vervain is a flowering plant that is native to North America. Its flower is colored purple and it appears in the summer months. This plant can withstand periods of drought.

Health Benefits:

  1. Keeps the central nervous system healthy. Blue vervain has soothing properties that can treat a number of ailments in the nervous system. It improves seizures and can relieve sleeplessness. It is also considered a natural mood enhancer because it eases the feelings related to stress and anxiety and it has a relaxing effect on people suffering from depression. 
  2. Relieves pain. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, blue vervain is known to be a powerful painkiller. That is why this herbal plant is used for arthritic pain and pain from kidney stones. It has the ability to reduce swelling, hence giving pain relief. 
  3. Beneficial for women’s health. Since it is an effective painkiller and mood enhancer, this can be useful when a woman experiences premenstrual syndrome. Women often have mood swings and abdominal pain when they have their period, so blue vervain is the herb to soothe these discomforts. It is also useful in childbirth as it causes labor as well as aids in improving lactation after delivery.
  4. Promotes oral and gut health. Blue vervain has tannins, an antioxidant that is effective in promoting oral health. This herb also boosts the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients so it helps get rid of worms and toxins in the stomach. 
  5. Antimicrobial effect. Some studies show that blue vervain may kill microbes and prevent the development of it, thus, it is also good in treating respiratory illnesses and urinary infections.
  6. It promotes kidney health. One of the most reliable uses of blue vervain is, it is considered a diuretic. This means that it encourages you to urinate more often and this may somehow eliminate toxins in the body including kidney stones. 
  7. It can protect your heart. Blue vervain has a chemical compound known as verbenalin or cornin that may protect the heart from any impending injury that is commonly seen to those who have heart problems. 

Blue vervain is a well-known remedy for numerous disorders because it contains many plant-based chemicals. You can find vervain in tincture form, powder, ointment, or even as supplements. Try blue vervain now and see how it will benefit your health. 

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