3 Natural Remedies to Soothe and Relieve Joint Pain

3 Natural Remedies to Soothe and Relieve Joint Pain

Joint pain is extremely common, with the CDC reporting that almost 15 million people in the US experienced joint pain as of 2016. Joint pain can consist of anything from arthritis (the most common form) to chronic pain caused by an accident or injury. The traditional treatment for joint pain is taking a painkiller, such as ibuprofen or Aleve. However, some people do not want to rely on pills to help alleviate the pain. For those looking for natural remedies for joint pain, there are several options available. 


Heat and cold can both decrease joint pain. Heat treatments include taking a hot bath, putting a hot heating pad on the location, or using an electric heating blanket in a similar way. Cold treatments include ice baths or putting ice cubes or veggies from the freezer wrapped in a towle directly on the location. The type of treatment should be selected based on the severity of the pain.

Physical Therapy

Receiving physical therapy regularly is a great way to work out chronic pain. Those seeking this remedy should ensure that the therapist is trained and qualified so that they do not get hurt further. A benefit of this treatment is that the therapist can understand the cause of the joint pain. Physical therapy also works best if clients attend sessions regularly as it could take time and effort to recuperate from joint pain. 

Joint Supplements

One of the best treatments is supplements for joint pain. Many different health supplements can alleviate this pain. At Black Vegan Shop, we offer a variety of natural remedies for joint pain, all of which have been shown to soothe and relieve pain. 

Dandelion Root Powder Capsules

Classified as a bitter herb, dandelions have been used for centuries for their natural healing abilities. Dandelion root powder capsules, made from only this single ingredient, can aid in alleviating muscle aches and joint pain. The benefit of taking this capsule is that it also tackles other issues such as intestinal gas, bruises, and digestive issues. We recommend taking two to four capsules per day to see the best effects in decreasing joint pain.

Dandelion Root Powder

Dandelion root powder is similar to the capsules but in powder form, making it versatile to add into smoothies or mixed into a glass of water or almond milk. The powder is easily dissolvable and can be blended, shaken, or stirred to mix. It has the same healing benefits as the capsules, working as a natural joint pain remedy. We recommend mixing it as part of a smoothie or simply with a non-dairy milk one to two times per day to soothe joints. 

White Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder

Another great health supplement for joint pain is white mulberry leaf extract powder. White mulberry, an herb, is native to China and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.. The leaves are commonly turned into a powder form and mixed with a plant-based milk, water, or as part of a smoothie. Mulberry leaf extract powder helps to alleviate joint pain, especially from arthritis, and soothes muscle aches. Additionally, it has several other benefits: it helps to reduce blood sugar, enhance immune system performance, remove wrinkles, and decrease cholesterol levels. We recommend taking it twice per day.

Learn More About Joint Supplements

At Black Vegan Shop, we pride ourselves on being a vegan, Black-owned company focused on improving our customers’ health through our use of all-natural products. For those suffering from joint pain, whether it is acute or chronic, we have a variety of health supplements that act as a natural joint pain remedy. From the three supplements listed above to a wider selection on our website, customers can find the exact type of supplement that will soothe their joint pain and allow them to live healthier lives. Visit us at https://www.blackveganshop.com/ to explore more of our products!

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