Mullein Leaf Capsules 60 Count

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Mullein, also called Great Mullein, is a tall-growing biennial in the figwort family that is distributed throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, North Africa and the Americas.

Other names : Velvet Dock , Velvet Plant , Candlestick

Botanical name : Verbascum Thapsus

The dried leaf is used to make tea and, in combination with other herbs and spices, is also used to make incense.

Mullein has a mild and pleasant tasting. Combine with other herbs to enhance the flavor of tea  blends or herbal smoking blends.

While the flowers are typically infused in oil or used to produce a natural dye, the collective aerial parts of the plant are tinctured, infused or prepared as tea.

Mullein also makes an excellent cosmetic herb because it contains astringent and emollient compounds.

Keep in a sealed container away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme heat.